Split Personality

Splitting my ends was an inherited vice I blame on my sister. Four years older than me, she always had long, thick, brown hair. As a 13 year-old I would curse said hair when it clogged the communal shower or, like a tumbleweed, rolled into my room unannounced and unwelcome. When she was in high school, she had hair down to her butt crack and I was so jealous; my hair hadn’t passed my shoulders and I felt my tomboyish look was getting old, fast.



Most of us fantasize about quitting our day job to work on a passion project. Leave that 9 to 5 to paint in the English country side. Tell your students to ‘suck it’ and fly to France to eat pastries before 10 a.m. and wine before 11 a.m. And regardless of age, most have fetishized such a move. Millennials get a bad reputation for this, as they stay at jobs for shorter periods of time and idolize a life that generations before scoff at. But it’s just that, the motivation, drive, and entrepreneurship that proves ‘side hustles’ can be monetized.